Welcome to the Thompson Family Adventures in Europe!  Our life is full, our life is crazy, and something manages to go awry every day~But through all this, I always come out with blessings and graces.  Deserved? Not at all.  Grateful?  Absolutely.  Join me in our trip to Paris and share in the joys of living a life of love, laughter and a few tears~

8 thoughts on “Gratiarum

  1. So happy you are blogging! I’ve read three blogs and your writing style is so vivid and inviting to me! Love it and love you all 💗


  2. Hi Mari, I am one Kristi’s friends from MN. We met briefly before the wedding in getting everything ready. I just read all your blog posts and they are amazing. I will certainly be reading more as you post. I hope you have a great day.
    Staci Beranek


  3. Mari, I just saw these and can’t get enough. Hearing your voice as I read, reminiscing on our Rubio days and pool swims. Oh how I miss you…but as I read, I feel so close to you. You’re almost a world away but these writings bring you to the comforts of my home. Love you Friend!


  4. Your writing style is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and will continue to follow you on your adventure!!! Much love to you my friend!


  5. Mari:
    Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to read more of your Parisian adventures. Miss you, Wade, Liam, Biscuit and Lola so very much!
    Keeping you all close in prayer,


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